Milk In Cookie Clicker Comprehensive Guide For Maximum CPS

Cookie Clicker is so much more complicated than it appears at first glance. It’s not all about clicking the screen while cookies rain from the sky and dazzle the tastebuds of people everywhere. Instead, it’s about maximizing your production and using every available resource to increase your cookies per second — even secondary resources like milk. 

What Is Milk In Cookie Clicker?

All About Milk in Cookie Clicker

Milk is one of the resources available in Cookie Clicker to help you upgrade your production lines and make more cookies. Unlike the selection of upgrades on the side, milk is not entirely straightforward. You can’t directly choose to buy it. Instead, you’re awarded it for other things that you do in the game. 

What Does Milk Do In Cookie Clicker?

Milk unlocks kitten upgrades that help increase your CPS (cookies per second). Milk itself has no effect on your game beyond unlocking those upgrades.

One exciting thing about milk in Cookie Clicker is that you get many different flavors as your percentage increases.

milk flavor in cookie clicker

How To Get More Milk In Cookie Clicker?

You earn milk by unlocking achievements. For every achievement you earn, you get a 4 percent milk allotment. You can achieve the highest milk percentage of 2072 percent with 518 achievements until new ones are added to the game.

Achievements pop up on the bottom center of the screen when they’re earned. You can also click “Stats” at the top of your dashboard and scroll down to see which you’ve gotten. 

To get more milk, work on unlocking achievements. Here are a few to consider. 

CC Achievements

Of Mice And Men

You get this achievement when you have 100 cursor upgrades. You purchase cursors like any other facility upgrade on the right side of the screen. Cursors are relatively cheap compared to some other upgrades, so you can easily upgrade your milk percentage by purchasing them.

Cursor achievements are available at one, two, 50, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, and 800 cursors. 

Year’s Worth Of Cavities

You get this achievement when you’ve harvested 365 coalescing sugar lumps. Sugar lumps grow at the top of your screen and can be harvested once they’re mature. They don’t cost anything to harvest, but you have a chance to lose one if you harvest too soon.

There are other coalescing sugar lump achievements available at seven and 30. You can also get an achievement for harvesting a bifurcated sugar lump, a meaty sugar lump, and a caramelized sugar lump.

A Stroke Of Luck

You get this achievement when you click 27 golden cookies. Golden cookies appear randomly on your screen for mere seconds before they disappear, and they give you positive effects. Some golden cookies have your CpS briefly increase or give you a lot of cookies.

Other achievements for clicking golden cookies are available at one, seven, 77, 777, and 7777 golden cookies. You can also get an achievement for clicking a golden cookie less than one second after it spawns and for clicking one less than one second before it dies. 

Lord Of Progress

You get this achievement when you purchase 200 upgrades. These are upgrades for buildings or other abilities you have. Cookie Clicker has a variety to choose from, like tiers for clicking, buildings, and kittens.

Other achievements for purchasing upgrades are available at 20, 50, 100, 300, and 400. There are also achievements for owning buildings and upgrading together. 

Kitten Upgrades Cookie Clicker


Kitten upgrades are the bonuses that you get from collecting milk. These help increase your CPS to much higher levels so that you’re pumping out cookies faster than ever before. Some players speculate that the power of kitten upgrades is why the developer decided not to award new kitten upgrades for milk levels over 1200 percent.

You must purchase each upgrade with cookies. Each upgrade increases your CpS by a specific milk factor as you earn more milk.

Upgrade Name
Milk Quantity required
Cps Increase Factor (milk factor)
Kitten Helpers
Kitten Workers
Kitten Engineers
Kitten Overseers
Kitten Managers
Kitten Accountants
Kitten Specialists
Kitten Experts
Kitten Consultant
Kitten Assistants
Kitten Marketeers
Kitten Analysts
Kitten Executives

Fortune 103

This is a random fortune from the news ticker that you can purchased for 86,400 times your current CpS. It increases your CpS by a milk factor of 0.05.

Kitten Angels

Kitten Angels is a heavenly upgrade that costs 9,000 heavenly chips. It increases your CpS by a milk factor of 0.01. You have to have the Dominions upgrade purchased before you can buy it. 

Kitten Wages

Kitten Wages costs 9 billion heavenly chips, and you have to purchase Kitten Angels before it unlocks. It makes kitten upgrades 10 percent cheaper.

Santa’s Milk And Cookies

Once you purchase “A Festive Hat,” a Santa icon will appear that you can work to upgrade. As he goes up, you unlock random upgrades. One of these is called Santa’s Milk and Cookies. It makes milk 5 percent more powerful. The cost varies depending on your Santa level. 

Reality Bending And Breath of Milk

Reality Bending and Breath of Milk are auras that can be purchased by sacrificing cookies and buildings to Krumblor. Breath of Milk makes Kittens 5 percent more effective and gives you a milk multiplier of 1.05. Reality Bending on its own has several effects, but one of them is giving you a small milk multiplier. If you pair it with Breath of Milk, the other impacts of Reality Bending disappear, but it boosts the Breath of Milk’s milk multiplier. 

Purchase Krumblor by buying “How to Bake Your Dragon” as a Heavenly upgrade to get started with auras. 

Garden Plants

Consider planting Whiskerbloom in your garden. They help speed up your milk collection and whisk you through your Kitten upgrades more quickly. 

If you plant the Whiskerbloom in fertilizer soil, it will grow quickly. Switch to clay soil to keep the plant mature longer once it’s grown.

Mokalsium, Mother Spirit

Mokalsium is one of the faces in the Pantheon mini-game. Depending on which gem you slot, it makes milk three, five, or ten percent more powerful. Diamond is the most potent gem to place in Mokalsium. 

If you use this option, you will get fewer golden and wrath cookies. 

Cookie Clicker Milk Ranks

Cookie Clicker Milk
All Cookie Clicker Milk

As your milk percentage increases, your milk rank will increase, and the milk flavor displayed on the screen will change. These are the ranks:

Milk Rank
Milk %
Milk Flavor
Plain Milk
Chocolate Milk
Raspberry Milk
Orange Milk
Caramel Milk
Banana Milk
Lime Milk
Blueberry Milk
Strawberry Milk
Vanilla Milk
Honey Milk
Coffee Milk
Tea Milk
Coconut Milk
Cherry Milk
Spiced Milk
Maple Milk
Mint Milk
Licorice Milk
Rose Milk
Dragonfruit Milk

Unlocking different flavors of milk only unlocks the associated kitten perk. The milk flavors themselves only have a cosmetic effect that changes the look of the screen. 

What Is The Best Milk In Cookie Clicker?

The best milk in Cookie Clicker is a matter of opinion. The different flavors don’t affect the game — they’re just a fun way to see your upgrades progress. Since you unlock additional kitten upgrades as your milk increases, perhaps the best milk is the one that gives you your favorite upgrade.

If you prefer one color of milk to another, consider purchasing the classic dairy selection heavenly upgrade. It lets you choose which milk color is visible on your screen — though it doesn’t affect your milk collection progress.

You can also try the fanciful dairy selection heavily upgrade if you want even more customization. That adds colors that you can’t get from normal milk progression. The new colors are cosmic milk, flaming milk, frostfire milk, green inferno milk, midas milk, midnight milk, sanguine milk, soy milk, and zebra milk. 

Milk is a beneficial aspect of Cookie Clicker since it allows you to unlock the Kitten upgrades. These give your CpS a massive boost. Even if earning achievements seems daunting at first, it’s important to remember that they’re rewarded for things you’d be doing in the game anyway. So keep playing, and the milk will flow. 

There are many more strategies to gain a lot of CpS and ultimately become a cookie clicker monster baker. Watch out for your grandmas though. Do not let them ascend too early or you’ll be in for a hard ride.

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