Quickest Way On How To Find PS4 Serial Number

Looking to find ps4 serial number? Ps4 serial numbers are different from the ps4 model number. The serial number may not be in a visually accessible place on your ps4. On top of that, different ps4 models have serial numbers at different locations.

Read further on how to locate your Play Station 4 Serial Number.

How to Find PS4 Serial Number

To find out the serial number, first, you need to know the model number. The model number comprises three characters CUH and is followed by four numbers and a letter. You can find the model number by the following methods.

  • Check the label on the packaging that came with your ps4Ps4 Model Number Packaging
  • Check the receipt of the sale
  • Check the label on the ps4 chassis

Once you have identified the ps4 model, go to the specific guidelines below for that model.

For PlayStation 4 Models CUH-10XX, CUH-11XX and CUH-12XX

find PS4 Serial Number

The serial number is made up of 11 characters. It’s on the back of the ps4 system. Look for a tiny white label towards the bottom left of the chassis.

For PlayStation 4 Models CUH-20XX

These models are also called Slim models. In these products, the serial number is located above the power port. Disconnect the power cord and turn the system over. You should be able to see the white label with the bar code.

For PlayStation 4 Models CUH-70XX

These models are also called Pro models. The 11 character serial number is located opposite the system port. Disconnect the power cord and turn the system over. You should be able to see the white label with the bar code.

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When Do We Need PS4 Serial Number?

PS4 Controller

You need to keep your serial number handy for a lot of reasons.

Warranty Check

If you need to repair your ps4, first check the warranty of your console on the Official Page. This page lets you check whether your product warranty still covers your system or not. You need a Serial number as well as the model number.

Theft and Lost Claims

If your ps4 gets stolen, you need your serial number to file a theft report. Your serial number helps track down your ps4 for a possible return.

Verify Genuine Products

If you purchased your ps4 from non-official sources, you might have bought a duplicate. You can verify if the system is genuine or not by giving your serial number to customer support.

Account Recovery

If you lost access to your ps4 account, you need your serial number. When you call customer service, they will ask you to give them your serial number. This is because your ps4 account registers the serial number. You need to provide at least one serial number from the ps4 devices that you have logged into.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Post My Serial Number Online?

This is a big no. Serial numbers are unique to your ps4 device. When you log into your account on your ps4, the serial number is registered under your account. If someone gets a hold of your serial number, they can potentially steal your account.

They can do this by calling customer support and asking them to reset your account pretending to be you. Thus, you will lose access to the account and the attacker has full control over it.

What Is the Difference Between the Model Number and the Serial Number?

A model number identifies what kind of ps4 you have. Model numbers are common across ps4 systems of similar type. A serial number identifies your ps4 device. Serial numbers are special since they are tied into your account.

I Bought My Ps4 Second-hand. Should I Give the Serial Number to the Original Owner After Purchase?

This is a bit of a grey area. Customer service indeed needs you to give your serial number for account recovery. If the old owner is locked out of their ps4 account for any reason, they need the serial number of the previous devices to reset their account. If you trust the owner, it is safe to give the serial number to them.

Having said that, if you are skeptical, you should not give them the serial number. Once they get a hold of it they can file a report claiming the ps4 was stolen. This will lock you out of the ps4 and make it unable to be used. It may get difficult to convince customer support that you are the current owner of the system.

So, whenever you buy a used ps4, make sure that you get a proper receipt. This will be helpful if the original owner has blocked you out and you need to contact customer support.

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