Samsung Galaxy Not Turning On? Try These Fixes

Samsung has some cutting-edge features that help the brand live up to its name. But, frequent minor to severe issues, like the phone not turning on at all only overshadow them. Your Samsung Galaxy phone may not turn on due to either software or hardware-related issues. So, we’ll need to apply a variety of fixes to diagnose and fix the problem.

Your Phone is Out of Battery

The first indicator of a seemingly-dead phone is that it has run out of battery. Can you recall how long has it been since you last charged it? Most phones still have some charge left to turn on for at least a few seconds. But, if it’s been many hours since its last charge session, your phone may be completely out of battery.

As a result, your phone won’t even turn on to display the Samsung logo. Even if you charge it for a while, it may take a significantly long time for it to turn back on.

First, directly charge your Samsung Galaxy phone to verify if it’s only turned off due to low battery.

  • But, it’s better not to charge it by connecting the USB cable to a PC or a laptop.
  • Make sure to use a genuine Samsung USB cable and adapter to a proper power outlet instead of a wireless charger.
  • If available, you may use a fast-charging adapter as well.
  • Leave it alone. Let the phone charge for at least 10 to 15 minutes.

If your phone is not charging at all, check if there’s any damage to the battery. Take note of the phone’s thickness. If it is comparatively thicker, puffy, or bulging out, your phone’s battery might be swollen. In such case, we do not recommend you continue charging the phone. Instead, you should immediately visit the support center.

Firmware Failure

The firmware on your phone can fail or malfunction due to software glitches or bugs. If this is the case, a faulty firmware update can cause your phone to shut down immediately and won’t turn on. You can attempt to fix it by force restarting your Samsung phone.

This method is not equivalent to a hard reset and thus won’t wipe away your data. Here’s how you can try it:

  1. Hold down the Power button or the Power button with the Volume Down button for twenty to thirty seconds or until you see the Samsung logo. 
  2. Once your phone turns on, let go of the button. 

Check USB Cable/Port

If you left your phone on charge and it’s still not turning on, there’s a chance it didn’t charge due to a faulty micro USB cable or the charging port. Check if there are damages to the cable first. Carefully inspect if the outer rubber sheath is torn and the wires are poking out. The USB might also have accumulated dirt particles. 


To check if the charging port is damaged, try using another USB cable. If another cable doesn’t work as well, you can confirm that there’s a problem with the charging port. 

Check Hardware Damage

If the force restart method is not working, or your phone has a full charge but is still not turning on, the cause is probably hardware damage. If somehow there’s physical damage to the internal components or the motherboard is faulty, your phone will stop working. If that’s the case, we don’t advise attempting to repair any hardware damage yourself. It’s better to take your phone to a local repair store to fix it professionally.

Mobile Viruses

Your phone can also shut down and not turn on all of a sudden due to a serious mobile virus infection or data breach. The virus can make several unauthorized changes to your phone and can even make the software crash. Such viruses usually originate from suspicious third-party apps.

One way to get rid of any viruses on your Samsung phone is by rebooting it in Safe mode. When using this mode, all your altered and preferred settings will reset to default and any third-party apps will be disabled. Your home screen layouts and widgets will also be set to default. This is helpful if your phone is not turning on due to any potential viruses or faulty apps. 

  1. Press and then hold down the Side/Power button and the Volume Down button.
  2. Once you notice the Samsung logo, let go of the Power button while still pressing the Volume Down button.
  3. After the phone turns on, release the Volume Down button. You’ll now see the ‘Safe Mode’ option in the bottom-left corner. 

However, rebooting your Samsung phone in Safe mode doesn’t always work, especially if you’ve not followed the steps properly. 

Contact Samsung Support

Finally, if your Samsung phone is still not turning on at all, the best solution is to contact the Samsung Support team. It really comes in handy since you can select your exact Samsung Galaxy model from Galaxy S5 Sport to Galaxy S22 Ultra. You can find relevant articles for your phone or get direct online support or even request a walk-in repair service. 

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